April 27, 2011: Kigungu Fish Pond

Today we went on a field trip to EWAD’s fish pond project in Kigungu, Entebbe Municipality.  The fish pond is one of the activities being implemented by EWAD as part of the Integrated Community Environmental Conservation Project (ICE-COP) that has been running since 2006.

Around 8am, we set off in the EWAD van and bumped our way around the potholes of Kigungu’s bright red dirt roads, stopping to pick up a group of students from the Fisheries Institute. Two hours later we arrived at the site, and soon attracted a dozen local children eager to watch the progress and pose for pictures.

The rectangular fish pond is about 20 metres wide, 40 metres long and 1 metre deep. It will hold hundreds of local tilapia fish. The pond is in a swamp inhabited by kingfishers, bee-eaters, hamerkops, other birds and many insect species. The site has a spectacular view of the Entebbe Airport, and the planes flying overhead provide a peculiar contrast to the digging and levelling of the fish pond by hand. I joined the crew for a mere 15 minutes, and under the sweltering hot sun, it was all I could do to last that long. The other EWAD staff, Shallon and Fortunate, managed to dig a bit longer, while the Fisheries Staff and locals worked impressively hard for several hours until the entire perimeter of the pond had been properly sloped and smoothed into working order.

The day’s hard work finished up in the afternoon and we all piled into the van to return home, and the local children waved goodbye.

The fish pond is expected to be complete by the end of this month (May 2011), and will provide fish for about 30 families. I look forward to seeing to finished project!

Chida Henry, 2011 EWAD Intern